Travel: Turin part one, photo diary.

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I’m back from my four-day trip to Turin (Torino in Italian)! I had a lovely time in a quite impressive town. It is the home town to the Fiat, ferrero rocher chocolate, nutella, and believe me, to a lot of other delicious chocolate. It is a typical European city, with a lot of culture and sights, but smaller and less touristic. We ate quite a lot pizza, pasta and ice cream, but come on wouldn’t we all if we were in Italy? With all the carbs and sugars I ate in those four days, it wouldn’t surprise me if I gained a few pounds. But luckily we did a lot of walking too. Since it is a “small” town, we did all the sightseeing by foot. It surprised me how many cyclists were in Turin, since I thought only the Netherlands traveled a lot by bike. But on day three we just had a little problem: we saw almost everything and did everything we wanted to do in Turin and had too much time left to fill. (okay, not all museums, but we knew we didn’t want that) So on day four we made a photography challenge and made quite some photos! I will show these in the next post. For now, here are some other pictures I made in Turin with some comments:


Hoi allemaal! Ik ben net terug van een geweldige vierdaagse trip naar Turijn, Italië! Deze stad staat bekend om de Fiat, ferrero rocher chocolade, nutella en heel veel andere lekkere chocola. Het is een typisch Europese stad die je zou verwachten in Italië met veel cultuur en bezienswaardigheden, maar dan met wat minder toeristen en kleiner. We hadden veel pizza, pasta en ijs gegeten in Turijn, maar honestly dat zou iedereen doen in Italië toch? Het weer zat de eerste dag echt erg goed mee, de rest van de dagen was het vaak bewolkt. Wel hebben we heel Turijn afgelegd met de voet, wat echt goed te doen was. Er waren wel veel fietsers in Turijn wat echt erg onverwachts was! Helaas hadden we alles wat we wilden doen snel gezien en waren we uitgeshopt, Hierdoor zatenwe  met het probleem dat we nog tijd moesten vullen. Daarom hadden we op dag 3 een photo challenge bedacht en deze de 4e dag uitgevoerd! Deze foto’s zal ik in een volgende post laten zien, voor nu heb ik algemene foto’s die ik in Turijn heb gemaakt! De comments die ik hierbij heb gezet zijn wel in het Engels, maar ik hoop dat het alsnog te begrijpen is 😉


turin1  turin17

^These two pictures were made from the tower of the National Museum of Cinema. It was hell going up in an elevator of glass, since I am afraid of heights. But the photos I made are worth it, don’t you think? You can see the alps from this view!



^ I loved the sunset here. I’m finally getting used to my camera settings and didn’t even need photoshop for this picture! Guess I’m finally getting the hang of it.


^ Apparently it is common in South-European countries to sell roasted chestnuts on street. I’ve never seen this in the Netherlands, but loved the concept since I love to eat chestnuts!


^ The sitting man in this picture played saxophone. It was very nice! There were a lot of street musicians in Turin. Kind of miss that in the Netherlands

turin7 turin8 turin9

^ This is the Po river, in case you guys ever need this information for some trivia game 😉


^ The reason why I love my 35mm Nikkor lense: look at the focus!

turin11 turin13

^ In the neighborhood of the National Museum of Cinema there was this little art exposition outside on a wall. This is something I really love and wished all cities had, art for everyone in plain sight. The picture below was my favorite!

turin12  turin14 turin15 turin16

^ Wrong white balance settings made this picture blue. But I liked it, it emphasizes the red logo in the photo.

turin18 turin19


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